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2010-11-25 14:14:38 by NghtcrwlrD

Happy Thanksgiving everyone! Hope you have a great day full of family, friends, turkey and football!! :D


2010-08-06 10:32:51 by NghtcrwlrD

Hooray it's my B-day!!! Cake all around! :D

New Stuff!

2010-05-24 15:51:21 by NghtcrwlrD

I just uploaded a new song to the site! Check it out and give me some feedback!! DO IT NOW!!! :P


Songs Up!

2010-03-23 22:45:18 by NghtcrwlrD

Hey Newgrounds! I posted some songs/melodies in the audio portal for your enjoyment. They are some of my earliest projects working with FL Studio, but I am working to familiarize myself with the program more and hopefully create some awesome tunes! So check them out and give me some feedback on how I can improve! More songs to come! :)